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Did You Know - Grants to Bring Your Science Class Outdoors


Did you know...

That Hanna products can be covered by education grants for your science classroom? In particular, our Hanna Backpack Labs qualify!  A complete lesson plan and materials for Soil Quality, Marine Science, and Water Quality.

What Grants are Available?

The following grants are available for Grades K-12. Know of other grants? Drop us a comment!

Name  Grades Amount Due Dates Link
Association of American Educators Foundation  K-12  $500  March 8, 15, 31 (Varies by Region)  https://www.aaeteachers.live/scholarships-grants-program
The Awesome Foundation Any   $1,000 Rolling Deadline/Year-Round   https://www.awesomefoundation.org/en
Captain Planet* K-12  $500 - $2,500 

Cycle 1:  Opens September 15, Closes January 15

Cycle 2: Opens March 15, Closes July 15 

EPA Education Grants*  Any/Varies Varies  Varies   https://www.epa.gov/grants/specific-epa-grant-programs
Toshiba Company*  K-5, 6-12

$1,000  (K-5, 6-12)

>$5,000 (6-12)


Varies by Grant  http://www.toshiba.com/taf/ 
*Multiple Grants Available

Check Out the Backpack Lab!

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Allison Hubbard

Written by Allison Hubbard

Allison graduated from Bryant University with a Master’s Degree in Global Environmental Studies. She is passionate about nature, and how science is connected to the world around us. At Hanna, she provides an array of content and support to customers through the Hanna Blog, SOPs, and Data Sets.

Allison may be reached at ahubbard@hannainst.com.

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