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Optimizing Your Anodizing Baths (pH)

One of the major challenges of running an anodizing process is that it consists of many steps, but optimizing your bath's pH doesn't have to be daunting.

Measuring Water in Biodiesel

If the amount of water in biodiesel is above 500 mg/L (ppm) will increase the likelihood that corrosion will form in the fuel system..

How the Right Plating Devices and Services Can Help You Meet Regulatory Requirements and Certification

When going through a certification process, audit, or acquiring new customers having the right tools will help you meet or exceed almost any requirement.

Using Automatic Titration to Monitor Hypophosphite in Plating Baths

Accurately monitor hypophosphite for improved nickel plating bath health. Automatic titration takes the guesswork out of determining the endpoint of titration.

Increasing the Reliability of Your Nickel Bath Titrations Through Automation

Using an automatic titrator to analyze plating bath samples delivers precise endpoint detection every time and reduces time spent running samples.

Determination of Chloride in Cement

The hardening process of the cement and concrete mixture can be accelerated by the addition of various compounds. Calcium chloride is the most commonly used.

Hanna Instruments’ Top 10 Trending Products for 2015

Here's our first top 10 list of trending products for 2015. From Bluetooth electrodes to smartphone apps, find out which products scored big in 2015.

Measuring pH in Stormwater from Construction Sites

Pollutant and nutrient-rich stormwater ultimately drains into sewers, where it continues to a wastewater plant for treatment or into a natural body of water.

Measuring Refractive Index of Turpentine Oils in Fragrances

Turpentine is commonly used as a solvent for resins, varnishes, and oil-based paints, as well as a decongestive in chest rubs and for fragrance in toiletries.

Concentration of Gold and Palladium in Plating Solution Determined by Iodide Titration

Plating has been performed for centuries, and it is still widely used in modern industry for various purposes.

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