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When it comes to pool and spa water management at commercial facilities, you need to always be on your A-game to create the best experience for your customers and guests. Treating swimming pools and hot tubs manually can be a hassle, not to mention it can also be tedious and time consuming. 

Maintenance is necessary to keep pool and spa water clean, safe, and balanced. The good news is, that there is an easier solution for businesses. Explore the advantages of testing pool and spa water automatically and check out our top 5 reasons why commercial pools and spas should invest in Swimming Pool and Spa Controllers.

1. Streamline operations at commercial facilities 

With an automatic Swimming Pool and Spa Controller, commercial facilities can cut down on the time spent on pool maintenance, improving efficiency in their day-to-day operations. A controller works round-the-clock, 24/7. Chemical levels in pool and spa water are regulated automatically and water quality parameters like pH, ORP, and Free Chlorine are kept in check at all times. There's no need to monitor and make adjustments manually anymore. This frees up time for staff at businesses to focus on other aspects of facility management and complete essential tasks. 


2. Gain precise control and monitor automatically 

When performing water checks manually, reading and interpreting results by eye can be tricky and mistakes can happen. Swimming Pool and Spa Controllers eliminate and take the guesswork out of testing water quality parameters. Reliable and highly accurate, controllers allow commercial facilities to automatically and precisely control chemical levels in pool and spa water. Equipped with these automatic monitoring and dosing capabilities, ensuring clean and pristine water is now simpler than ever. Commercial facilities can guarantee a comfortable and safe environment for swimmers with little effort.


3. Reduce maintenance costs

Commercial facilities frequently waste chemicals when swimming pool and spa water is treated manually. This is largely due to human error and incorrectly estimating the amount of chemicals required, oftentimes, using too much as a result. This can be costly and impact businesses' bottomline. Alternatively, the exact volume of chemicals are dosed with a Swimming Pool and Spa Controller which significantly reduces chemical usage. This translates to cost savings over time, making automatic controllers a smart investment for the longterm.


4. Maximize pool and spa water quality for swimmers 

Properly sanitizing and disinfecting swimming pool and spa water is a top priority for commercial facilities. Businesses who move away from testing manually and use automation, will see less inconsistencies during the treatment process and notice a significant improvement in water quality. Automatic controllers continuously control and adjust chemical levels, providing optimal water chemistry balance. Using controllers prevents harmful bacteria and pathogens from forming as well. Commercial facilities can be proud and confident that their swimming pools and spas have the highest quality water possible.


5. Meet commercial pool and spa safety standards

Complying with pool and spa water safety standards is not a just a nice-to-have, but a requirement for commercial facilities. The consequences of improperly disinfecting and sanitizing pools and spas can be detrimental to businesses, not to mention, have dire risks and consequences. When it comes to pool and spa safety, prevention is key and facilities must always stay one step ahead to avoid any potential problems. Incorporating an automatic controller into pool and spa treatment plans is a smart move. This protects a brand's reputation and provides a positive, memorable experience for customers and guests. 


Our automatic solutions for pools and spas

Pool and spa maintenance is easy with our automatic Swimming Pool and Spa Controller (BL121). Perfect for the disinfection and treatment of water in swimming pools, spas, and hot tubs at commercial facilities. Monitor and control pH and Free Chlorine in pool and spa water automatically. Choose between two installation options, in-line or flow cell. This controller also includes three analog outputs for pH, ORP, and temperature. Ideal for hotels and resorts, spas, wellness centers, amusement water parks, condominiums with pool access, local town and community facilities with public swimming pools, and more. 

Hanna-Instruments-Automatic-Swimming-Pool-and-Spa-Controller-BL121Want to track from anywhere? Upgrade with our automatic Swimming Pool and Spa Controller (BL123). Always know how your swimming pool, spa, or hot tub is doing from anywhere. Check in on this controller remotely and securely from your phone, tablet, or laptop with the Hanna Cloud and a reliable Internet connection.