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Scientist-Testing-Water-Quality-Parameters-in-WetlandsImportance of environmental water quality testing

Water is our most vital resource on the planet. Monitoring water quality in the environment such as in lakes, rivers, mountain streams, and reservoirs is critical to preserving and protecting our ecosystems for years to come. Portable water quality testing equipment plays a crucial role in this endeavor, helping field technicians quickly detect potential water quality problems in natural habitats from the start and taking necessary corrective action.

When choosing to invest in portable water quality testing equipment for field-use, there are some considerations to make. Let's now explore some of the benefits and advantages of using these meters in depth. 

Portable water quality testing equipment for easy mobility 

When performing environmental water quality testing, field technicians must be able to reach water sample sources that are in remote locations. Portable water quality meters are versatile and can be conveniently carried around from place to place. Accurate water quality testing is no longer limited to the confinements of a laboratory setting. Field technicians can now test anywhere and achieve accurate results in real-time without any delays.


Durable meter design for use in harsh environments 

Rain or shine, portable water quality meters are strong and capable of testing in various types of weather and terrain. Field technicians need to be ready to test at any moment, whether it is in cold and stormy mountainous areas or highly humid conditions often found in wetlands and marshes. Portable water quality testing equipment makes on the spot analysis possible. Meters are built with tough, rugged components and most are constructed with waterproof casings that can stand up to the knocks and drops that can occur while testing. 


Measure multiple water quality parameters 

To truly understand what is happening beneath the water's surface, field technicians must keep an eye on and frequently check multiple water quality parameters. Most portable water quality meters test for parameters such as pH, ORP, EC/TDS, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, ammonium, chloride, nitrate, salinity, atmospheric pressure, temperature, and more. Looking at these key water quality parameters helps field technicians determine if a body of water has the right chemistry balance. On the flip side, when parameters are out of normal range, this can be an indicator of underlying water quality problems that need to be rectified.

There are two types of portable water quality meters to choose from, dedicated or multiparameter. Field technicians should be cognizant of this during the meter selection process. Dedicated meters are focused on testing a single parameter whereas multiparameter meters measure several all-in-one device.  


Accurate results and simple data collection  

When using portable water quality testing equipment, field technicians require dependable meters. There is no margin for error. Portable water quality meters provide top notch performance and very precise results that comply with regulatory standards. Meters enable field technicians to collect laboratory grade measurements and gather water quality data in various locations. Whether field technicians are alongside a river stream or testing a body of water off the edge of a boat, consistent readings are displayed on the meter screen. 

Another feature of these portable water quality meters that is just as valuable to field technicians, is data collection. All data is automatically logged and recorded and can be transferred. Most meters store and save all required Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) data such as date, time, and calibration information. Record keeping by hand is tedious and time consuming, not to mention it is easy to make mistakes when tracking results this way. Portable water quality meters eliminate the hassle of data management and make interpreting results less complicated. 


User-friendly meters tailored to testing requirements 

Field technicians need to be able to hit the ground running when testing. Portable water quality testing equipment is very simple to operate with intuitive screens and menu options. These meters are also pretty straightforward when it comes to calibration and maintenance. Many portable water quality meters can be ordered with different probe and cable length options. This allows field technicians to customize meters and improve their overall testing experience.


Start testing with our portable water quality meters 

We understand! Selecting a portable water quality meter that can meet the demands of field testing can seem overwhelming and daunting. Our collection of portable water quality meters are durable, reliable, and up for the task at hand. There are also various dedicated and multiparameter options to choose from, so finding the right fit for your testing needs is easier than ever. Be prepared to measure water quality parameters including pH, ORP, EC/TDS, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, temperature, and more on-site.  

At the end of the day, field technicians are searching for water analysis meters that they can rely on in any environment. Our portable water quality meters are well-built, capable, and ready to test from the get-go. We provide complete testing kits with all necessary supplies and accessories.  Each portable water quality meter arrives in a protective, heavy-duty carrying case that can be used for safe storage while traveling from location to location. These meters are also perfect for testing different bodies of water such as ponds, lakes, and mountain streams.