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food-halo-700by398You already use your Smartphone for everything else, so why not a pH meter?

The average price of a laboratory grade pH meter is $650-1000. Hanna Instruments' HALO Bluetooth electrode gives you the accuracy and performance of an expensive, professional pH meter for the cost of a single electrode – because you use your smart device as the meter! For schools, home users, and small business owners, choosing HALO is practically a no-brainer.

Any small batch beer brewer or winemaker, educator, or aquarium hobbyist knows that a quality pH meter is an essential tool. However, finding a quality meter that fits into most people's budgets can be a challenge. But with Hanna's HALO - the world’s first Bluetooth pH electrode - we're solving this problem.

The HALO Bluetooth electrode range along with the free Hanna Lab App means that you don't have to compromise any more.

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You Have a pH Meter in Your Pocket Right Now

Traditionally, a pH meter and an electrode have to be purchased together, adding to the expense. With HALO, the only thing you need to buy is the Bluetooth electrode. After downloading the free Hanna Lab app, your iOS or Android device instantly becomes your meter. Now pool owners, hydroponic gardeners, hot sauce makers - anyone with a smartphone or tablet - can apply laboratory grade technology to their analysis.

And laboratory grade means better accuracy, faster results, and longer lasting electrodes.
HALO electrode on a magnetic stirrer and the Hanna Lab app

The HALO and Hanna Lab App change everything when it comes to the accessibility of laboratory grade pH testing. These are the four main reasons why:

1. We Made HALO®Affordable!

The HALO electrodes range in price from $160 to $225 – that's 50-80% less than an equivalent pH meter and electrode combination. The Hanna Lab App is free to download and use on any Apple iOS or Google Android device.

Turning your smart device into a laboratory grade meter truly is for everyone. With the affordable purchase cost, and the low cost for maintenance, every person from home user to a professional team, can use the meter.

If you want to test drive the Lab App before purchasing your HALO electrode, you can watch the video clip below, or download it and try it out yourself in demo mode.

Video: Hanna Lab App in Demo Mode (30 seconds)


2. It's REALLY Easy to Use

The R&D team at Hanna designed the HALO electrode to specifically be user friendly.

See it in action:

Video: HALO and the Hanna Lab App (90 seconds)


In two simple steps you can get your HALO up and running.

Step 1: Download the app.

Get it on Google Play Download on the App Store

Step 2: Connect your electrode with the easy one-button connection.

Once the Hanna Lab App is installed on your device, press the central button on your electrode to enable discovery. Then select your electrode in the app menu to complete synchronization.

Once connected, the electrode immediately begins sending data to the Lab App. HALO allows measurements to be taken at a range of up to 32 feet (10m).

3. You Get Laboratory-Grade, Application-Specific Electrodes

There are no compromises with the HALO electrode range. Our electrodes are engineered to the highest standards, incorporating top of the line materials and technology.  EVERY industry can use a HALO® electrode. From food scientist to pool maintenance crew, there is a HALO® for you!

Features include:

Temperature Compensation

Built-in temperature compensation gets you the correct result without any additional effort or temperature sensors.

Application-Specific Electrodes

Not all electrodes are created equal. The HALO family has a variety of electrodes designed for optimal performance in all applications. Check out the table below to see which one is right for you!


HALO Electrode Key Features Benefits Great For
HI11312 Spherical tip, refillable, double junction Easy-to-clean, faster results in liquids, less likely to clog  General purpose, laboratories, beer, pools & spas
HI11102 Spherical tip, gel-filled, double junction Faster results in liquids, low-maintenance Education, general laboratory use, environmental testing, pools & spas
HI2142 Flat tip, titanium body, cloth junction Durable body for rough environments, easy to clean Mash, wort, and finished beer
FC2022 Conical tip, food-grade PVDF body, viscolene gel-filled Better results for direct measurement semi solids, emulsions   Food applications
HI12922 Triple ceramic junction, conical tip, low temperature glass Fast stabilization at low temperatures, easy penetration into semi-solids and emulsions  Soil
HI12302 Spherical tip, gel-filled, durable PEI body Long-lasting, low maintenance, shielded from accidental breakage Education, field testing, pool & spas
HI10532 Conical Tip, triple ceramic junction, low temperature glass Better accuracy at low temperatures, designed for use in solids, semi-solids, and emulsions Food
HI10482 Clog-resistant sleeve junction, refillable, high-flow junction Extra protection from clogging keeps the electrode functioning up to 20x longer. Fastest response time.  Wine/must, sauces, juices, beverages
HI4142 Flat tip, open junction, low temperature glass Optimal surface area for testing flat surfaces, solid gel interface (impermeable to clogging) Lab, flat surfaces
HI13302 Spherical tip, tapered body, low temperature glass Ideal for small spaces and volumes, fast response and accuracy at low temperatures Lab, vials, test tubes
HI10832 3 mm micro bulb tip, general purpose glass Measurement in as little as 100 µL, best response over entire pH range Lab, 96 well plates, centrifuge tubes

Hanna Tip: Still not sure what kind of electrode is best for you? Check out our comprehensive guide, Getting to Know Your pH Electrode.

4. The Lab App Functionality is Unparalleled 

The capabilities of the Hanna Lab App exceed the functionality of most research-grade benchtop meters. Among other things, the app includes automatic calibration, probe monitoring, powerful logging features, and integrated help.


Calibration is easier than ever with HALO and the Hanna Lab App. Calibration may be performed up to five points with seven standard buffers (1.68, 4.01, 6.86, 7.01, 9.18, 10.01, 12.45).

To calibrate, submerge your probe into the buffer while stirring (the app will automatically identify which buffer you are using from a list of NIST or Hanna buffer sets). Then tap Confirm Buffer to save the data.

Hanna Lab App Calibration Screenshot

Once calibration is complete, you never need to worry about losing it if the probe becomes disconnected. All HALO probes store the calibration in the electrode, and calibration data is synchronized when the electrode is connected to your device.

Probe Condition Reading

Calibration allows HALO to display a probe condition percentage in the top left of the screen. This percentage gives you an at-a-glance way to determine your electrode's performance. A drop in condition between calibrations can alert you to problems such as a dirty or broken probe or a contaminated pH buffer.

Hanna Lab App Probe Condition Screenshot

Hanna Tip: Print out our pH Electrode Maintenance Guide and our ph Best Practices Guide to help you keep your probe in perfect working order.

Built-In Good Laboratory Practices (GLP)

Calibration information is available for viewing directly and is displayed using the Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) view. This includes the electrode slope, offset, and condition. GLP data isautomatically tagged to logged readings.

Hanna Lab App  Good Lab Practices (GLP) Screenshot

Automatic Logging and Charting

Logging on the Hanna Lab App is easy and intuitive. Once connected, measurements are recorded automatically every second. The app can display pH measurements in graph or table format which allows you to identify trends in data easily. 

You can even keep notes by annotating your data by pressing the button on the electrode or tapping the electrode icon in the app. A window will pop up and you can then write a short note about the data.

Hanna Lab App Table Reading Screenshot

Hanna Lab App Graph Reading Screenshot

Once the data is collected, you can export the results and GLP data through email. You may choose to send only annotated data or the entire data set as a CSV file. Intervals are available to retrieve data within a specific time range.

In-App Help

The Hanna Lab App offers a built-in database of best practices in pH theory, measurement, and maintenance. Tapping Help in the left side menu lets you view this database.

Hanna Lab App In App Help Screenshot

Are you ready for a HALO of your own? You already carry your smartphone everywhere, so HALO is making pH measurement easier than ever.
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Hanna Tip: Don't own a smartphone or tablet? HALO also works with our edge blu Bluetooth Smart pH Meter - HI2202

Need more info? Watch the in-depth video below (8 minutes):



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