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Temperature has an effect on the changing of the leaves, the brew of our coffee, and the warmth of our apple cider. As we start to transition into fall, temperature – especially here in the northeast! plays a major role. An accurate determination of temperature (the measure of hot or cold) is an important factor in many industries and fields of science.

What are some common industries that utilize temperature measurements?

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Temperature holds great importance for both food manufacturers and those simply looking to cook at home. Whether barbecuing or waiting for the water to boil, temperature is important in preparing a meal; it can affect the quality, flavor, and freshness of food. If not monitored closely, the wrong temperature could mean serious health risks for consumers.

One instrument that is essential to food professionals and aficionados alike is the thermometer. Hanna carries a variety of different thermometers based on the intended application. For instance, the Hanna Checktemp® Digital Thermometer - HI98501 measures the temperature of liquid and semi-solid products through a stainless steel penetration probe, making routine checks simple and quick for both incoming and outgoing goods.


In wine and beer making, temperature plays a significant role in the quality of the final product. Ambient temperature alone could have a positive or negative effect during the wine making or brewing process, as well as the temperature at which fermentation occurs. To learn more about the effect that temperature has in beer brewing specifically, read Beer Brewing, Ways to Make it Great! - A Guide to Tracking your Progress, From Grain to Glass.

In milk pasteurization, the temperature is crucial when ensuring the removal of harmful pathogens, such as Listeria, Salmonella, and Escherichia (whose genus includes the commonly known bacteria, E. coli).

Agriculture and Greenhouses

In agricultural and greenhouse applications, temperature can be the difference between life and death for plants, food, and other cultivated products. If a greenhouse produces too much heat, plants may become stressed or even perish. Hanna offers many products for greenhouse care including Temperature T-Logger with Locking Wall Cradle - HI143 temperature datalogger. For continuous logging purposes, the HI143 is perfect for greenhouses because they don't need to be removed to track ambient temperatures, and can be programmed to set off an alarm when the temperature gets too high or low.

As we begin to feel the fall temperature gradually change, it is important to remember the effect that temperature has not only on our health but on the quality of food and beverage we produce and consume.

Video: Effects of Temperature on CalCheck (3 minutes 20 seconds)

Does temperature play an important role in your industry? Tell us here in the comments section! 

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