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Preparation is key for crush season.

As August comes to a close, many wineries have already started preparing for harvest/crush season. Harvest season in the wine industry is one of the busiest times of the year. It is the time where winemakers start to pick the grapes and prepare them for the crushing process before they start pressing and fermentation.

Although this may sound easy there are a few more steps to this process. As harvest season approaches, it is time to take a close look at your equipment. Does it need a refresh? An overhaul? Or maybe there are additional items that are needed. Hanna is here to help with all of your wine testing needs.

Harvest season begins when the growing season ends and the grapes start to change color and soften. It is also the time where the grapes lose their bright green color and start to develop a more mature color.

Winemakers can tell when it is time to harvest by:

  • Color of the Grape
  • Taste
  • Sugar level
  • Acidity
  • Weather Conditions causing them to pick early

Each of these factors plays an important role in the growing and harvest process.

It's important to track both the acidity and sugar levels in the grapes during the growing season. This means winemakers must test the pH and sugar content (°Brix) of their grapes. Testing throughout the vineyard is a great way to determine the ripeness of the crop. The perfect time to pick the grapes will be dependent on the winemaker and their desired wine profile. Thus, acidity and sugar content may be different from batch to batch.



The edge® Multiparameter pH Meter - HI2020, along with the Digital Glass Body pH Electrode for General Purpose - HI11310, is a portable meter and electrode used to determine the pH in wine. pH is important in winemaking because it will affect the quality of taste, color, oxidation, chemical stability, and more. The edges’ portable capabilities allow the winemaker to easily test the pH of a sample with ease throughout the growing season.

edge Wine pH Meter Kit

Hanna Tip: The titratable acidity level of the grapes at this point should be between 0.6 -0.8 and the sugar level should be in between 19-24 °Brix.


Hanna Mini Titrator_HI84502

The Mini-Titrator for Measuring Titratable Acidity in Wine - HI84502 measures the total acidity found in the grapes (well, the grape juice). A primary acid that all winemakers monitor during harvest season is tartaric acid. The use of the HI84502 mini titrator helps to determine when to pick the grapes.

Hanna Tip: Winemakers examine and taste the grapes leading up to harvest in order to gauge the flavor and the quality of tannins.


HI96800_2016-720x720-d43810d6-1e7b-41b3-9953-c4df75f81a17The sugar content is probably one of the most crucial aspects of growing and determining the beginning of harvest season. Knowing the °Brix of your grapes is crucial, especially for new winemakers, in determining when to pick your grapes. One way in which winemakers measure the °Brix of their grapes is by using a refractometer.

The Digital Refractometer for Sugar (% Brix) Analysis in Wine, Must and Juice - HI96811 is used to measure °Brix of grapes during the growing season. This is essential in determining if your grapes are ready. The winemaker will determine the amount of sugar allowed in the grape; based upon the specific taste and style wine they are creating. By using this refractometer, winemakers can perform spot checks around the vineyard easily, in little to no time at all. This allows you to quickly qualify which grapes are ready for picking, and which grapes need more time.


901WfrontOnce ready, the grapes are picked and are off on their way to the crush. Crush happens when the grapes are de-stemmed and begin the process of being turned into liquid. During this process, many factors must be considered including the measurement of must.

Must is a combination of juice, skins, and seeds, and should be tested for acidity (pH), sugar, and sulfur dioxide or sulfites. One way sulfites are measured is through the use of a titrator. Hanna Instruments’ Automatic Potentiometric (pH/mV/ISE) Titration System - HI901W titrator is great for winemakers because it can titrate for many different parameters from acidity to sulfites in wine. By monitoring the acidity in your wine during crush, winemakers can avoid getting stale readings that will ultimately produce “flabby wine” when entering the Press stage or Fermentation stage.

Hanna Tip: To avoid "flabby wine," winemakers will add tartaric acid. Adding acid will also help to lower the pH.

Hanna carries a variety of equipment for the wine industry including:


Laboratory Research Grade Benchtop pH/mV/ISE and EC/TDS/Salinity/Resistivity Meter - HI5522
pH Electrode with Clogging Prevention System - HI1048P

Sulfur Dioxide

Mini Titrator for Measuring Sulfur Dioxide in Wine - HI84500

HI901W Automatic Titrator for Wine

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