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pH Meter Calibration and Electrode Maintenance Guide

Regularly calibrating your pH meter adjusts the electrode reading based off any changes, and ensures that your readings are accurate and repeatable.

8 Common Mistakes When Taking Conductivity Measurements

Having trouble with your conductivity measurement? Learn more about the eight most common mistakes made with conductivity meters and how to fix them.

8 Best Practices for Using Your Hanna Marine Checker

There are many things that can negatively impact results when testing your aquarium. Find out how to prevent bad readings with these best practices.

8 Tips on Preparing Your Wine Lab for Testing

By following these eight steps, you can be sure your wine lab is always ready to handle all your testing needs including pH, SO2, ORP, TA, and refractometry.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Move to Automated Titration

Automated titration technology is becoming more accessible and affordable. Find out why you should be considering a change if you are titrating manually.

Top 10 Mistakes in pH Measurement

Proper technique in pH measurement is not always put into practice. Learn about the top 10 pH mistakes our experts see, and find out what to do instead!

Guide to Measuring pH of Foods

Measuring pH of foods is critically important for safety and quality reasons. This guide outlines what you need to know to be confident in your results

The Essential Guide to Measuring SO2 in Wine

Hanna Instruments' "Measuring SO2 in Wine" eBook is designed as a resource for winemakers who need to put an effective SO2 testing program in place.

The Essential Guide to Measuring pH in Wine

Hanna Instruments' "Measuring pH in Wine" eBook is designed as a resource for winemakers looking to enhance their measurement approach.

5 Tips and Tricks for Caring for a pH, EC, or ORP Tester

Get the most accurate results from your pH, EC, or ORP tester by following these five guidelines.

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