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Did You Know - Grants to Bring Your Science Class Outdoors

Did you know that there are grants available for educators where Hanna products qualify? Check out our list!

Should You Be Teaching Marine Science?

Education raises awareness of the relationship humans have with marine environments, and is one of the most important factors in conservation efforts.

Hanna Instruments’ Top 10 Trending Products for 2015

Here's our first top 10 list of trending products for 2015. From Bluetooth electrodes to smartphone apps, find out which products scored big in 2015.

Teaching pH in a University Laboratory

Many graduating students, especially those with a focus on science, will need to measure pH in the course of their professional careers.

How to Accurately Measure Refractive Index

Refractive index is a measurement of how light behaves as it passes through a sample. Depending on the sample, light will refract and reflect differently.

The Importance of Temperature

Temperature has an effect on the changing of the leaves, the brew of our coffee, and the warmth of our apple cider.

5 Tips for Calibrating Your pH Meter

Calibrating your pH meter is an essential step for accurate and precise results. Here are some tips to help you calibrate correctly.

5 Tips and Tricks for Caring for a pH, EC, or ORP Tester

Get the most accurate results from your pH, EC, or ORP tester by following these five guidelines.

Measuring the pH of Sushi Rice

Sushi rice must be warm when rolling sushi. However, this poses food safety risks so we must measure the pH. These are the best meters for the job.

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