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Hanna & Pittcon 2019 - Your Highlights

The whir of magnetic stirrers, pistons pumping, and the beeping of instruments filled the air at Pittcon 2019. Thousands of visitors, hundreds of exhibitors, and many new products to view. No worries if you missed out this year, or if you need a recap, we'll fill you in below!

The Importance of Water Quality in Keeping Zebrafish for Research

When maintaining zebrafish as a research specimen, water quality is pivotal for success and quality research. Read more to learn about ideal water parameters to maintain a zebrafish facility, various problems associated with poor water quality and ways to dependably analyze necessary parameters.

Hanna Instruments’ Top 10 Products of 2016

From beer brewers to environmentalists and educators, our top 10 products of 2016 list has something for every Hanna customer.

With HALO a Laboratory Grade pH Meter is Closer Than You Think

Finding a quality meter that fits into most budgets can be a challenge, but Hanna's HALO - the world’s first Bluetooth pH electrode - is solving this problem.

Hanna Instruments’ Top 10 Trending Products for 2015

Here's our first top 10 list of trending products for 2015. From Bluetooth electrodes to smartphone apps, find out which products scored big in 2015.

Measuring pH of Opthalmic Solutions

A variety of parameters must be strictly controlled to ensure a safe and effective product, including sterility, impurity content, osmotic balance, and pH.

Teaching pH in a University Laboratory

Many graduating students, especially those with a focus on science, will need to measure pH in the course of their professional careers.

Refractive Index of Personal Hygiene Products

How to measure the refractive index in products and raw material ingredients for quality control and reporting purposes.

How to Accurately Measure Refractive Index

Refractive index is a measurement of how light behaves as it passes through a sample. Depending on the sample, light will refract and reflect differently.

Measuring Fluoride in Biological Fluids

Minimal fluoride exposure from natural sources is desirable for bone strengthening and reduced tooth decay, but higher amounts can negatively impact health.

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