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How to Test for Phosphate in Your Aquarium

It's important to measure phosphates in a reef tank because if the levels get too high, it can prevent coral calcification or cause excessive algae growth.

How to Test for Nitrite in Your Aquarium

It's important to test for nitrite when an aquarium is first being set up and when the tank is being cycled to make sure waste is being properly recycled.

Top 10 Mistakes in pH Measurement

Proper technique in pH measurement is not always put into practice. Learn about the top 10 pH mistakes our experts see, and find out what to do instead!

Phosphorus in Saltwater Reef Aquariums

While phosphorus is vital for growth in plants and animals, it can be problematic for aquaria inhabitants, particularly coral.

Should You Be Teaching Marine Science?

Education raises awareness of the relationship humans have with marine environments, and is one of the most important factors in conservation efforts.

Hanna Instruments’ Top 10 Trending Products for 2015

Here's our first top 10 list of trending products for 2015. From Bluetooth electrodes to smartphone apps, find out which products scored big in 2015.

Calcium in Freshwater Snail Aquariums

While all aquatic creatures require balanced ecosystems, some are more sensitive to changes within their tanks.

How to Test for Alkalinity in Your Aquarium

Proper alkalinity is vital for coral calcification & skeletal formation; prevents pH swings, coral bleaching, & tissue loss; and improves equipment performance.

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