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8 Tips on Preparing Your Wine Lab for Testing

Getting accurate measurements is crucial in wine production. This guide will help you set up your wine lab for testing and keep up with maintenance.

How to Test Nutrients Using the GroLine HI9814 Meter

The Hanna GroLine 9814 is an easy-to-use nutrient meter for your greenhouse, hydroponic, or aquaponic use. Read this guide to find out more.

Digital Testing for Saltwater Aquariums from Hanna

The Hanna Instruments Marine Checker Handheld Colorimeters produce accurate digital readouts for your aquarium's alkalinity, calcium, nitrite & phosphorus

Using Automatic Titration to Monitor Hypophosphite in Plating Baths

Accurately monitor hypophosphite for improved nickel plating bath health, automatic titration takes the guesswork out of determining the endpoint of a titration by using an ORP sensor.

With HALO a Laboratory Grade pH Meter is Closer Than You Think

Finding a quality meter that fits into most budgets can be a challenge, but Hanna's HALO - the world’s first Bluetooth pH electrode - is solving this problem.

Increasing the Reliability of Your Nickel Bath Titrations Through Automation

Using an automatic titrator to analyze plating bath samples delivers precise endpoint detection every time and reduces time spent running samples.

Water Quality Meters - Upgrade to Hanna's Professional Line

Professional Quality Meters, Process Controller, and Electrodes for Testing Drinking Water and Wastewater.

Why Sanitation Control is a Must Have for Greenhouses!

Sanitation Control Systems automate the process of disinfecting irrigation systems and grow media which results in better plant health & lower labor costs!

How to Test for Alkalinity (dKH or ppm) in Your Aquarium

Testing alkalinity in your aquarium was never easier! With a dKH digital display the Hanna Alkalinity (dKH) Checker® is a step above basic alkalinity test kits

How to Test Calcium in Your Aquarium

Testing calcium in your aquarium was never more accurate! With a digital readout in ppm the Hanna Calcium Checker® is a step above basic alkalinity test kits.