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Allison Hubbard

Allison graduated from Bryant University with a Master’s Degree in Global Environmental Studies. She is passionate about nature, and how science is connected to the world around us. At Hanna, she provides an array of support to customers and within the company in the forms of trainings, research, and technical support. Allison may be reached at

Recent Posts

A Beginner’s Guide to Dissolved Oxygen Measurement

Dissolved Oxygen is a key measurement parameter for many industries. Learn all about dissolved oxygen and use this guide to help you with the what, why, and how of dissolved oxygen testing to help get you started.

The Ultimate Guide to Testing Electrical Conductivity of Soil

The electrical conductivity of soil can tell you if you need more nutrients, or if you have too much. This saves you time and money when managing your plants.

The Ultimate Guide to Testing Soil pH

This all-encompassing guide will help anyone who is just starting out with soil pH testing. (And experienced growers will be able to learn something, too!)

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