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  • Agriculture
Spring is Sprung: Is Your Soil Tester Ready?

Now is the time for spring cleaning (and not just of the house)! Spring cleaning can also apply to getting your garden b...

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  • Electrical Conductivity
Got Problems When Testing Electrical Conductivity? We Have The Answers!

What Do You Do When Your EC Readings Aren't Quite Right? Electrical conductivity is a useful measurement in a variety of...

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  • Industrial
Did You Know That Chrome Is More Than A Shiny Finish?

Nothing is more satisfying than a shiny new car... Or is there? Chrome goes beyond mirror-like bumpers on cars. To get t...

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  • Hydroponics
Measuring Brix Can Make Your Sweet Dreams Of Big Cannabis Crops Come True!

Sugar is our jam! Well, here at Hanna it really is! But what does jam have to do with cannabis? Not too much, unless you...

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  • Wine
The Final Countdown For 2020: Our Top 10 Instruments Of The Year

We have made it to the end of a very long year. The countdown to New Year's Eve 2020 has begun. In the spirit of the sea...

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  • pH
Need to be Squeaky Clean? Titration Can Help Guarantee Your Disinfection Success

Cleanliness is safety. Now more than ever, it is important to uphold proper sanitization and cleaning practices, or put ...

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  • Water
Titrating for Water Hardness is Made Easy with Photometric Electrodes

What Does Water Hardness Mean Anyways? Water hardness refers to the amount of dissolved minerals in water and largely re...

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  • Water
Get Your FAQs Straight! The Top 8 Questions Answered About Your Multiparameter Meter

How to Maintain your Sonde and Get the Most from your Multiparameter Meter! Using a Multiparameter Water Quality Meter c...

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  • Water
Can You Put the Fun In Science? In Partnership With The ACS, One Professor Has!

Is it Hard to Make Science Fun? Na! All puns aside, it doesn't have to be hard to make science fun and interactive for s...

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  • Titration
Got Results - Now What? Figure Out If Your Data Is Accurate and Precise!

Does Your Data Pass Muster? You got your results and data, but is it accurate? Is it precise? Are your eyes starting to ...

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