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Testing pH and DO in a Wastewater Aeration Tank

A wastewater operator contacted Hanna Instruments looking for a portable solution for measuring pH and dissolved oxygen in their aeration tank.

Using Turbidity to Monitor Produce Rinse Baths

Depending on the field conditions at the time of harvest, the lettuce can have varying amounts of dirt on the surface of and in the crevices of the leaves.

Fluoride Measurement in Drinking Water

While the positive effects of fluoride on dental health have been scientifically proven, many are concerned about the effects of fluoridated water on health.

Recreating Environmental Marine Parameters in Bacterial Growth Media

In recent years, bioremediation has become popular as a means of environmental pollution cleanup, especially in marine environments.

pH in Textile Dye Baths

Reactive dyes chemically bond to the fiber and are much more resilient to being washed, as opposed to dyes that are simply adsorbed.

Moisture in Antibiotic Ointment

Most ointments contain very little water, making them ideal for moisturizing and protecting the affected area.

Monitoring Water Softener Effectiveness

Water hardness is the concentration of dissolved minerals in water. It's primarily caused by calcium and magnesium, but also iron, silica, and other metals.

Using pH, ORP, and Temperature to Maintain Sanitation in Pools and Spas

Using pH, ORP, and Temperature to Maintain Sanitation in Pools and Spas.

Measuring Acidity of Natural Water

Population increase, the resulting increase in use of natural resources, and human-produced waste have significantly impacted our natural environment.

Measuring Ozone During Wastewater Treatment

Generated ozone is captured and then pumped into a contact tank, where it mixes with the wastewater and reacts with pathogens to disinfect.

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