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Hanna Instruments’ Top 10 Products of 2016

From beer brewers to environmentalists and educators, our top 10 products of 2016 list has something for every Hanna customer.

8 Tips on Preparing Your Wine Lab for Testing

By following these eight steps, you can be sure your wine lab is always ready to handle all your testing needs including pH, SO2, ORP, TA, and refractometry.

pH Meter Review: Hanna edge® HI2020W for Winemakers

I decided it was time to step up to a real pH meter when going into commercial wine production after more than fifteen years of wine making as an amateur.

Top 10 Mistakes in pH Measurement

Proper technique in pH measurement is not always put into practice. Learn about the top 10 pH mistakes our experts see, and find out what to do instead!

How Mead Analysis Helped Take Melovino to One of the Best

Read how Mead Analysis helped Sergio Moutela of Melovino Meadery with his craft: classic and modern styles of mead.

Determination of Yeast Assimilable Nitrogen

Nitrogen is important to the development and stability of wine, and is an essential nutrient for yeast, allowing for healthy and timely fermentations.

The Essential Guide to Measuring SO2 in Wine

Hanna Instruments' "Measuring SO2 in Wine" eBook is designed as a resource for winemakers who need to put an effective SO2 testing program in place.

Measuring Free Sulfites in Fruit Juice

Sulfites are typically added to food in amounts that allow oxidizers to be neutralized, while ensuring a small portion of sulfite remains unreacted.

Winemakers' Guide to Getting Ready for Harvest Testing

Preparation for the harvest measuring program can sometimes be missed. Here's a Winemakers' Guide to Harvest Testing to make sure that you are ready!

Measuring % Brix of Flavored Sugar Syrups

Concentrated syrups are used throughout the food and beverage industry, from flavoring coffee to producing soft drinks.